Canbrush Spray Paint for Metal / Plastic / Wood.


Canbrush Spray Paint Standard Colours for Wood, Metal and Plastics**.



Less than 3% aromatic solvents

Suitable interior and exterior use. Lead free and non-toxic when dry. Petrol resistant.

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*Colours as near to real life as technology allows

**Certain plastics may need Plastic Primer prior to top coat.

C68 Green Lime £2.99

C2 Gloss White £2.99

C803 Silver £2.99

C4 Executive Grey £2.99
C6 Royal Ivory £2.99

C7 Sugar Cane £2.99

C808 Gold £2.99

C9 Leo Beige £2.99

C11 Surf Green £2.99

C12 Yellow £2.99

C14 Orange £2.99

C15 Vermillion £2.99

C16 Pale Grey £2.99

C18 Pink £2.99

C20 Monsa Red £2.99

C21 Blue £2.99

C23 Deep Blue £2.99

C25 Dark Grey £2.99

C27 Green £2.99

C29 Flat Black £2.99

C30 Gloss Black £2.99

C31 Apple Green £2.99

C33 Red £2.99

C35 Honda Grey £2.99

C37 Light Blue £2.99

C41 Sand Beige £2.99

C42 Genting Dusk £2.99

C60 Brown £2.99

C64 Flat White £2.99

C67 Grass Green £2.99

C803 Satin Black £2.99

C1 Clear £2.99

C29 Matte Black £2.99

C64 Matte White £2.99

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